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Omni means

OMNITURM combines work, living and public life in a new whole. It is the first high-rise of its kind in Germany. The highly transparent glass and metal façade of the 190 m high building represents openness and accessibility. The apartment floors extend outwards from the vertical axis, and catch the eye immediately. This creates open terraces with a fantastic view of the city and its surroundings. An impressive perspective opens up when you look towards the sky from the public plaza at ground-level. Every angle offers a new impression. OMNITURM addresses the city. It is a symbol of and a platform for a new way to work and live.

facing the city.

Its shifted public floors give
OMNITURM an air of lightness and
vibrancy in the public realm.

It is a symbol of
and a platform for
a new way to work and live.

A new space for life at the
heart of Frankfurt:

the apartments level of OMNITURM.

location map

In good

1 Main lobby
2 Lobby Residential
3 Garage ramp
4 Loading dock




OMNITURM rises at the very heart of Frankfurt’s banking district at Große Gallusstraße 16–18, where Große Gallusstraße and Neue Mainzer Straße meet, forming the city's first intersection with four high-rises.


190 m

At a height of 190m, its sculptural presence will allow this mixed-used high-rise to become a new beacon in the city’s skyline.



Every storey is able to boast a clear height of approx. three meters, giving it a pleasant, spacious interior.

total area

54,100 m2

Consisting of 33 office levels with a space of approx. 44,200 m2, eight residential levels with 147 apartments on approx. 8,200 m2 and two public areas on approx. 1,700 m2.



The shifted floors with their terraces extend up to 4 m or 10 % of the width of the building above the streets of the banking district.



Also parking spaces for bicycles and charging station of electric cars.



Three public transport stations within less than five minutes’ walk, with access to 16 subway and suburban railway lines.



Seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Building management also meets the highest standards, and is available to guests and tenants around the clock.



The generous promenade in front of OMNITURM and the future park right next door puts you at the heart of the city and yet in the midst of greenery.



The construction time of OMNITURM is only two years.


Best brand for
environment and energy

The innovative use concept of OMNITURM ideally matches a consistent focus on sustainability and ecological acceptability. Intelligent air conditioning, including a high-performance heating/chilled ceiling and individual single-office or zone temperature regulation, windows that can be opened by hand, solar-protection glazing, rainwater usage, intelligent elevator concept and LED lighting. These measures summarize our excellent environmental balance record. OMNITURM is aiming to achieve the highest level of “Platinum” for resource-sparing construction and operation according to the US LEED standard (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design). That’s the highest category awarded by the U.S. Green Building Council.

At a glance


The roof top terrace is located at a height of 180 m and offers a communal area on the 44th floor. It is surrounded by the highest peaks of Frankfurt’s skyscrapers. Could you imagine a more spectacular panorama for a corporate event or an informal meet-up between colleagues?


A total of 44,200 square meters of office space offering an intelligent use of space. 33 column-free floors ensure exceptionally efficient layouts. OMNITURM meets the most diverse requirements. It can be highly representative to highly functional. From towering heights down to the urban sphere.


OMNITURM loses its strictly vertical shape from floor 15 to floor 22. Eight floors extend out, as spiral-shaped residential floors move away from the strict verticality of the structure, creating spectacular terraces. 147 rental apartments are located at this height of 70 m to 100 m, with layouts of 25 square meters up to 150 square meters.


The lowest floors of OMNITURM are dedicated to the public. This is where urban life extends beyond the promenade and plaza inside the building. These floors offer space for food outlets, flexible workspace concepts and events by the technology / creative sector and include extraordinarily high ceilings. The forum for a new urban co-existence.

building- and

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typical floor plan

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typical floor plan
Highrise layout 1 –
conference floor

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typical floor plan
Highrise layout 2 –legal services

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typical floor plan
Highrise layout 3 –

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typical floor plan
Highrise layout4 –
financial boutique

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typical floor plan

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typical floor plan
lowrise layout 5 –

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typical floor plan
lowrise layout 6 –

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typical floor plan
lowrise layout 7 –
financial services

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typical floor plan
lowrise layout 8 –

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location map
and surroundings

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